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01 August 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Blood Glucose Monitors Review

Over the past years, I fooled around with glucose meters for a bit out of curiosity how my BG varied through the day. I did it for a few months and may do it some more but boy, it’s not all that pleasant measuring several time a day, day after day when you don’t need to. J The companies that make BG meters seem to change up models often, I’m pretty sure the one model I have is no longer manufactured though you can still get strips for it. When I went to buy one, I used my google-fu to see what was most popular and went with that, I’d suggest anyone do the same.

Keep in mind that even the best home BG monitor is not all that accurate/precise; some side by side comparisons on the internet show variations both with the same model and between models, is a real eye opener. For diabetics, the goal is merely to keep away from very low or very high BG and not monitor BG exactly (note: I think it would be great to have accurate and precise home BG measurements, but for standard diabetic care I think they believe diabetes is very tightly controlled if you keep BG below 150 mg/dl and acceptable at under 200 mg/dl eek!)

If I was going to get a new model now, I would definitely look into one that uses the smallest blood sample – an error on the meter is often not getting enough blood for the sample. I think most are on the small sample size compared to just a few years ago so this shouldn’t be much of a hassle. If you are planning measuring BG often for both of you, I would definitely get separate meters, but think there is little risk or harm sharing if you are just going to use them occasionally. There are some great deals with meters, so they aren’t too expensive. I have an extra meter that was ‘free’ with an order of strips.

Also, think about using one of those lancet pens, a lot easier to get your sample. If you are like most, the lancing is ’icky’ but given a week of regular lancing and it becomes more a ‘hassle’