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Diabetes and Metformin

I’m surprised so many of my friends who have Diabetes II and have taken Metformin for a long time, considering our population is LC/HF. Have I missed something?

I ask because we just don’t have that experience among our clientele. It’s not unusual for Metformin to be discontinued well within the first six months on protocol and easily within the first year. We look for a self-assessed 85% compliance or greater. We begin timing when the client affirms they’re at 85%, after which these people become normalized and their docs take them off Metformin.

One of our insurance plans out here requires enrollment in a diabetes workshop if diagnosed with Type 2. A case I like to talk about is a client (old friend of mine) who had been diagnosed with diabetes three years ago. We put him on protocol and three months later most his numbers were normal (fasting glucose, triglycerides, total cholesterol, HDL, LDL), six months later all his numbers were normal, including c-reactive protein, homocysteine, blood pressure, HgA1(c).

He’d also lost 30 or 40 pounds and Metformin was discontinued. The nurse practitioner running the workshop asked him how he had so much success so quickly. He said, A high-fat, no sugar diet and by no sugar, I also mean no grains. She said, That’s not healthy. He said, According to your numbers I am. He continues to do well and is 87 pounds lighter (297 to 210). He feels great. His comment: “No sugar and by no sugar I also mean no grains” is a popular phrase among functional medicine providers.

Anyway, I’m wondering why so many of them still have glucose and insulin problems to the point they require Metformin. I realize you may always be sensitive, but not sick, uncontrolled and on medication. This disparity remains in question.

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