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LCHF without a gallbladder

For those who have gallbladder, I have some advice for you. The gallbladder is an important organ and when we lose it, we’ve lost a very important part of our ability to stay healthy. Most physicians and surgeons in the United States think of the gallbladder (appendix, tonsils, etc.) as ancillary parts of the body that are not needed to maintain good health. Not true. Even more important than tonsils and appendix, when we lose our GB, its function needs to be replaced with the appropriate nutritional supplements, mostly food-based supplements in concentrations that cannot be obtained through diet.

I also take quite a few different things: Metformin, CoQ10, probiotics, blue green algae, vit D, etc. However, I’ve been blaming all of my intestinal “distress” on the metformin. But, it finally dawned on me that in February when I was diagnosed with diabetes and put on metformin that I also drastically changed my diet – to LCHF. And, without a gallbladder, it may be the fat that I’m having issues with. I used to take digestive enzymes, but I stopped when I started on the metformin ER as I’ve always been told not to take enzymes with a “time release” medication.

I did do some research online and found that people who don’t initially have issues after gall bladder surgery may develop problems later on. It’s been 10 years since my surgery. The recommendation was to take 1/2 a Caltrate Plus tablet with each meal, as calcium can help with diarrhea. I did start taking the Caltrate and have noticed that it is helping, but it’s not perfect yet. I did check with my doctor first and she said to give it a go. She also suggested taking digestive enzymes (not knowing that I used to take them). I wanted to give the Caltrate another week or so before adding back the enzymes just so I would have some idea if one or the other is helping.

I’m at the point where I cannot live my life with this intestinal nightmare. So I was hoping that maybe someday there were others who had figured out how to successfully eat LCHF without a gall bladder.

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