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Intermittent fasting diet is NOT a low carb substitute

Intermittent fasting diet isn’t meant as a low carb substitute — its was developed for people who have gluten/ celiac problems. One hundred grams is over 500 calories, fat is over 50g, protein is 25.1g and carbs are 19.6g. The nutritional proportions aren’t that bad actually, But thats for only 100 grams of pb. And that’s to make something that is just to put other food on.

I’d say that I try for total carbs of under 20g per day (I’m diabetic) – possibly you allow more carbs in your meals, but I suspect mr peanut bread might be something to watch later on if your weight losses eventually stop — the calorie input is quite high.

One way of using mr pb is to make a little loaf, then slice horizontally into slices. And I’ve chanced it sometimes for open-faced sandwiches as well — kind of like a light rye (only dryer) if you add some ground up caraway seeds to the batter to feed your imagination a little bit.

It doesn’t have anything in it that will spike your blood sugar and it is a much more appealing “bread” to me than the very dry coconut flour or almond flour breads. I haven’t had any bread of any kind in four months, so this has been a real treat.

With 10 servings per recipe, it works out to 5 carbs per serving. Yes, that’s still high (I’m shooting for under 30 per day), but if I keep the rest of my carbs for the meal way down, it’s doable for me. I have been enjoying BLTs for dinner. Something I haven’t been able to do unless I made a lettuce wrap out of it and sometimes I get really really sick of lettuce wraps.

I also like the 31 day fat loss cure program which my friends recommended to me and can be ordered online too. Google it if you are interested.

There is a website that you can find the program and I heard it’s low carb ness (as well as dreamfields pasta for that matter) BUT who knows maybe it would work for u. I’ve had it and its delicious in my opinion, kind of like a crumbly dense bread (am I thinking English muffin bread, that doesn’t sound right now that I say it).

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