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How to properly find out your metabolism

You may think that finding out your metabolism requires Lamotrigine, urine, saliva and respiratory testing over a 3-1/2 hour period.

The fact is, Lamotrigine is the drug of choice for bi-polars who are more depressed than manic. It is used quite often for bi-polar disorder. The thing I hated the most about it was the mental confusion it caused. I could never take a full dose because of that, which is probably why it didn’t do very much for the agitation. But it certainly quelled the suicidal thoughts.

So how does one do this?

First, you make an appointment with someone who can do it, usually alternative practitioners who have the training, unless you have a digital pH meter and a bunch of other stuff. You could go to the website phblood.com to find a practitioner in your area, or read about the process: The Nutrition Solution : A Guide to Your Metabolic Type by Kristal.

However, since everybody’s different, monitoring by way of ketostix each morning will be helpful as you find the right macronutrient (fats/protein/carbs) balance for you. Carbs will metabolize as sugar (that’s what carbs are), whether very slowly with the use of added fats or quickly, as with white rice without added fat. So, you’re not really dodging the carbs with added fat, you’re just slowing down how quickly they’re metabolized, which is why ketostix is a better indicator than blood glucose monitoring. And don’t forget, too much protein will also metabolize as sugar in a process known as glyconeogenesis, which is why a high fat diet is so cool.

Also, if you are already eating carbs from non-starchy vegetables. E.g. a whole bag of organic lettuces at Trader Joe’s (5oz of baby romaine, for example), has only 3 net carbs. 5oz of lettuce is a lot of fresh greens, with a lot of phytonutrients, then you shouldn’t be worried that you’re not getting nutrients from starch.

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