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An alternative to “juicing” diet

Instead of removing the fiber from the vegetables and fruits leaving only the carbohydrates (which I mentioned in the last post) and if you have a really powerful blender, like a Vitamix (that’s what I’ve got) you can do the opposite — completely liquify, say, strawberries or blueberries, rendering the micro-nutrients even more available (because the Vitamix ruptures cell membranes) and also rendering additional fiber digestible from the teeny seeds, which ordinarily would pass undigested through your system. AND, in the vitamix you can have your fat, too, by adding cream or full-fat yogurt to your berries for a smoothie that’s a *lot* tastier than the juice alone. You can also add supplements, whey powder, coconut oil, flaxseed, etc., whatever you need.

If you need an example of how much gets left behind in a juicer, take a sip of carrot juice. It’s *really* sweet. That’s because you’re getting *only* the juice and therefore concentrating the natural sugar. Whereas if you puree a carrot in a Vitamix, you get something that tastes like . . . well, mooshed-up carrot. Not nearly so sweet, and it’s more soup consistency than drinkable.

One time I’d recommend a juicer is if you seriously hate vegetables, then that’s a way to hold your nose and get it down fast. I’d still recommend not using a juicer if at all possible — there are SO many veggies out there, and so many luscious ways to prepare them and not waste all the fiber and some of the nutrients, surely you’ll like *something* — but if drinking vegetable juice is the *only* way you’re going to get your veggie nutrients, then it’s better than doing it via vitamin pill.

The only other time I’d recommend a juicer is if you want to do wheat-grass. There’s really no way to do that in a Vitamix. Has to be a juicer.

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