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Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead

I don’t mean to start a firestorm with anybody and perhaps this works great for certain people, but I would respectfully like to suggest that any conditioning workout would suggest the opposite of a low carb, high fat diet. What you do is remove the fiber from the vegetables and fruits leaving only the carbohydrates (and presumably the micro-nutrients).

And as far as I can tell there is little to no fat. While such a diet probably reduces calories enormously and thus causes weight loss, it seems to me that by taking the carbs without the fiber you are asking for blood sugar and insulin surges that will not be helpful in terms of arterial plaque and metabolic syndrome. Maybe the weight loss alone is enough to improve health, but such a program is in my opinion not consistent with the topic of this list which is low carb and high fat eating. I wonder if you would be better off eating the fiber (with a big dollop of coconut oil) and throwing away the juice.

It’s helpful to realize that many folks with weight problems also have other health problems, and the nutrients in carefully chosen fruits and veggies that are juiced or blended can be crucial to healing, increased insulin sensitivity, etc. That’s why the guys in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead got a good start on weight loss and improved health. After the 6 weeks they definitely needed guidance on transitioning into a healthy low carb diet.

Focusing only on carb restriction can leave you short of essential nutrients. I’ve done both juicing and blending and they serve somewhat different purposes. If I have a lot of leafy greens in the garden, I can juice a bunch of them. I add some water to the remains and send them through again to extract more of the nutrients, but I definitely don’t need all the fiber. Lately I’ve done more blending with my BlendTec. Then I add olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar, a bit of raw honey, and some Celtic sea salt, and you have to add water or a liquid to blend a jar full of cut up veggies. And I don’t drink the whole thing all at once.

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