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What you must know about the diet for your child

When my daughter was 10 year old (she’s now 12), I really felt she’s eating a lot of the time because she sees someone else eat, not because she’s hungry.  She would be doing something else, then see someone eat, then suddenly, she MUST eat.

I was pondering how can she be hungry 30 minutes after eating a plate of baby tomatoes, cheese, and ham?  I just couldn’t believe that she ate only when hungry and never because of other influences.  She also complaint sometimes about reflux, at times when she has eaten a lot.

She grows because she eats?

You’ve heard the saying “Is she growing because she’s eating, or eating because she’s growing?“….she had been a tiny baby and toddler, but from about age 2 1/2, the growth has not stopped.  Really!  Yes, her dad is tall and I am not, but at some point in the past 4 years I would think she might slow down a little.  I do notice her sister will get a little pudgy (a little!) before a height spurt, but Meg has had a large belly since turning 3.  She doesn’t really look “fat” but she is solid, large overall, with extra in the belly.  And she has been called fat at school. And research shows many fat adults were fat kids, and since she’s the only one of 3 kids that is like this, I can’t help but worry about her future.  She’s been storing extra fat for 4 years and growing constantly…

I did try to steer her in the low carb way, and she does well with that, but if someone was eating bread, or Kraft Dinner, etc, it’s extremely hard to give her something else.  She’s aware of better choices, but she’s still only 6 for long and wanted what the other have.  If it were just her and I here, we’d both do so much better!  This is why I tried to make “regular” foods (pancakes, desserts, etc) that are low carb, even if many of you feel this things just aren’t necessary…if I can make a chocolate brownie that everyone likes, but is non-wheat, low carb, then that really helps us all.

Hungry because of growth

If you’re ever feeding your child a diet low in carbs, high in veggies, meat and healthy fats, there is no reason to worry about her “overeating”. Her body knows when it needs more nutrition. Some of your children may be taller than her classmates, and that is not a result of overeating, that’s a genetic predisposition. She’s a growing girl, which makes her hungry.

Baby fat on young bodies serves an important purpose – it’s there to be drawn upon during growth spurts. The body is going to grow whether there is fat to draw upon or not, and if the fat store is gone (because a child is undernourished or thinner than necessary) the body will draw upon whatever nutrition stores it has to – muscles, tissue. You get the idea.

A growing body will often start storing fat in preparation for a growth spurt. It’s natural. As long as she’s not wolfing down french fries, waffles and chocolate milk, you shouldn’t worry about her carrying baby fat while she’s growing. It will come and go.

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